What Is Candida And Is It Dangerous?

What is Candida and should we be afraid of the effect it has on us? Candida is basically a kind of yeast which is present in the vaginal area and the oral cavities of women. Candida plays a vital role in maintaining good health, but it might grow and multiply excessively in certain circumstances. The excessive multiplication of Candida would cause the victim to begin experiencing extreme uneasiness and even pain. Fortunately, medical intervention is possible. In the event that you notice a white film covering your oral cavities, it might be a condition known as thrush. This is essentially a situation whereby the growth of Candida in your mouth is becoming too widespread.

Millions of people around the globe suffer from at least one yeast infection every year, and many women may have as many as 4-6. When recurring episodes become a problem then this organism can interfere with your daily life and your usual activities. It is very rarely dangerous though, and while it is not something pleasant there is no cause for alarm if you discover that you have this problem.

To prevent an excessive growth of this type of yeast, you need to be careful of what you eat. Food items that contain a lot of sugars, yeast or alcohol should consumed in controlled amounts. This is due to the fact that these ingredients would only promote the growth of Candida. A solution to this would be to undertake a diet change which will likely reduce the chances of you experiencing this particular condition.

In normal circumstances, Candida resides in the intestinal area, promoting proper digestion and general health. Should this type of yeast multiply uncontrollably, the beneficial nature of them would be negated. Taking antibiotics to prevent the excessive growth of this sort of yeast is discouraged. This is because the antibiotics would kill off good bacteria in the body too. If this happens, the microbes which usually exert control over these cells would not be present anymore and the condition might become even worse.

It is not common for the excessive growth of Candida to be the source of further threats to the health. It is likely however that people with a weaker immune system will be more susceptible to this particular type of condition as their body’s capability to prevent the yeast overgrowth would be substantially reduced. The severe problems that may potentially be caused by Candida would also be a very real threat to those who have existing medical conditions such as diabetes.

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